Economy Pop Up 3×4

Model : EPU 3×4 C, EPU 3×4 S
Description : • Flexible & versatile.
• One man operation, fast to set up and easy to use.
• Comes with carrying case.
• Ideal for promotion or demonstration
Floor space required : EPU 3×4 C: 3175mm x 848mm (W x D)
EPU 3×4 S: 3645mm x 325mm (W x D)
Panel dimensions(W x D) : EPU 3×4 C:  SIDE & FRONT: 673mm x 2220mm
EPU 3×4 S: SIDE: 673mm x 2220mm, FRONT: 733mm x 2220mm
(Please bleed 1mm on each side to 675mm)*
Image Size : EPU 3×4 C: 4038mm X 2220mm
EPU 3×4 S: 4278mm X 2220mm
Weight : 32 kg

Upon completion of your order, pls remember to email us the artwork together with your order no. 

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